Want to know Cancun from below the water without getting wet? Now you can! The fabulous Subsee Explorer Tour in Cancun will take you to explore the marvelous underwater world that inhabits the Caribbean Sea near Cancun in a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you can enjoy with your family.
The tour departs from Aquaworld Marine, which is located on Boulevard Kukulcan km 15.2; so if you’ve book your hotel in Cancun Hotel Zone, you’ll just need to walk a couple of blocks until you see Hotel Melia Cancun- AquaWorld Marine is right in front of it.

About the Tour:

Your adventure will start when the Reef Express boat departs from Aquaworld’s dock in a super funny 30-minute voyage to the breath-taking Punta Nizuc Coral Reef. During the ride to the sea, you can enjoy a free beer or a soda while you admire the amazing mangrove channels and the Nichupte Lagoon.
As soon as you arrive at Punta Nizuc, you’ll get onboard the modern Subsee Explorer equipped with air conditioning, to start your amazing tour to the underwater coral reefs. The Subsee Explorer is a practical glass-bottom vessel that emulates a submarine and was especially designed for underwater viewing.

subsee explorer ouahidi

The Great Maya Reef:

You won’t believe your eyes when you get to the Scorpion Reef at Punta Nizuc. Colorful tropical fish, sea turtles and giant rays will be swimming around the vessel as your bilingual guide explains you everything about the gardens of living corals and the stunning marine life that develops in this area.

Punta Nizuc is part of the Great Maya Reef (also called Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System), which extends from Cabo Catoche in Quintana Roo, Mexico to the coasts of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, and is the second largest coral reef in the world. Home to 65 different types of coral and more than 500 fish, crustacean and mollusk species, the Great Maya Reef is an underwater paradise. The Caribbean’s crystal clear waters allow sunlight to reach huge depths thus promoting the development of reef formation. You’ll spend 30 marvelous minutes touring the area dry and safe as you learn everything about the sub aquatic flora and fauna of Cancun.

Important tips:
- There’s no age-limit to participate in this tour. Children under 4 are free. Children from 4-11 have a special kids’rate.
- The Subsee Explorer Tour is available every day from 9 am to 2 pm and has a total duration of approximately 2 hours. You should be at AquaWorld premises 30 minutes prior to the departure.
- Included: bottled water, soft drinks, beer; round transportation to/from Punta Nizuc and the pier.
- Additional charges include $5.00 USD per person for the reef tax and $3.00 USD per person for the dock tax.

Knowing the Caribbean Sea from below is a fantastic learning experience for both adults and kids alike. If you want to add a visit to the Underwater Museum and some free snorkeling time to your Subsee Explorer experience, check the Paradise Adventure Tour. Enjoy Cancun from a totally new perspective and make sure to take your camera with you.

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Many people know that Cancun is one of the most amazing destinations in Mexico and in Latin America. In fact, that area of the Riviera Maya where Cancun is is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Moreover, its beaches are some of the most stunning, the water is one of the most clear and the hotels in Cancun are very luxurious. Besides, there are many things to see and do such as visiting a pirate ship.


Cancun is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula. In the Mayan language the word cancun (pronounced kaan kun) has two possible meanings: the first is nest of snakes and the second one is place of the gold snake. Cancun was a very important part for the Mayan civilization and; because of this, the city is called the entrance to the Mayan world. In the years after the Spanish conquistadors arrived in Cancun, the majority of the Mayan population died off or left their land as a result of a disease, wars, famines or piracy. And now I want to focus in this last point because you can relive, in a fun way, the old days of pirates in Cancun with the Captain Hook tours.

pirate ship- Sheree Kozel-LaHaThe Pirate Ships

The company that takes you on a tour around the Caribbean Sea and offers you a dinner and show is called Captain Hook. This tour is very popular for visitors who want to have fun with their kids. In fact, it was awarded with the 2013 Travelers Choice Destination Award by the famous tourist website Trip Advisor. So it is obvious that the great mayority of the people live a spectacular experience in the ships. Captain Hook use three different pirate ships: El Galleon I, El Bucanero II and The Black Pearl. These ships are authentic 18th century Spanish Galleon replicas. The galleons are 93 feet in lenght and all of them have a capacity to host 285 passengers.

Dinner and Show

Do you think there will not be enough food for everyone aboard or that you will eat like the pirates did centuries ago? On the contrary, at the ship you will be able to enjoy a sumptuos fest with the finest Caribbean lobsters. Appart from this, there is also a salad bar, steam vegetables, marinera rice, baked potatoes, grilled chickens and dessert. In addition, there is an open bar during the whole cruise. But what is most important is what happens during and after dinner. While you are enjoying your food, Captain Hook will tell you stories of the history of Cancun, Isla Mujeres and famous pirates. Suddenly, the captain discovers another ship coming from behind and together, they will recreate a pirate war. So you will definitely enjoy dinner and the show on board of this pirate ship in Cancun.

As you can read, Cancun is a city full of many attractions of all kinds. In this case, the city offers an activity made for everyone, especially for kids who will enjoy this experience very much. But there is so much more to see. Now it is up to you to keep discovering its wonders. Will you dare?

by Romina Nieto

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Author: Shereel Kozel – La Ha

By the very time I got to my hotel in Cancun, I heard about Captain Hook. I had been told that endless adventures took place in this cruise, and I couldn’t help being so curious. That very same day I bought my ticket for my whole family and there we went. The magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea, the sound effects, the modern installations, and the environment the ship features provide its travelers with a unique experience which will be treasured during their whole life.

  • All On Board

The sound of the canyons signaled its departure. My family and me embarked upon a unique adventure. Being the master of the ceremonies in the Mexican Coast, this amazing ship features fun, contests, dances, shows, and fun. We started our journey into the middle of the sea by admiring the natural beauty of the area. Suddenly, while enjoying the party on board, we notices that another ship approached the cruise far in the dark. The Captain discovered the presence of the enemy and asked his men to prepare the canyons for a combat. Spades, guns, and all types of weapons featured a fight on board between the crew and the pirates. This astonishing show was enlightened by different sound and light effects – we could not believe our eyes! A truly pirate adventure was taking place right in front of us.

PriceTravel Pictures

  • Stories

During the voyage, pirates told us exciting stories about Cancun, Isla Mujeres and the famous Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow or Mundaka. When it comes to eating, the host of the trip, Captain Hook, invited the crew to enjoy a sumptuous meal with the finest seafood dishes one can eat in all Mexico. Salads, vegetables, rice, potatoes are some of the alternatives available for those who do not go for eating fish. Still, each and every crew member had access to all types of drinks during the whole journey. Followed by the delicious buffet dinner while admiring the panoramic view of the coast, the captain kept on talking about stories and illustrations of the famous getaways made by different pirates and their long adventures or sackings involving other galleons full of treasures.

  • The Ship

The cruise combines the history of pirates with the luxury and sophistication of top notch technology, since it is equipped with state of the art light and sound systems as well as with any type of amenity you can imagine. For those who want to have a quieter trip with their beloved ones, the cruise has a romantic area where one can enjoy the stunning view of Cancun or rather enjoy dancing under the starry sky. Its entire staff is dressed in traditional pirates’ costumes and canyons are put into action from the very moment tourists get on board. And this is especially attractive to little children, who get carried away from the very moment the friendly pirates begin playing with them!

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Crub House has the freshest crabs at Cancun and the Riviera Maya apart from a wide variety of dishes with fishes and seafood. Its specialty is the crab, famous for its abundant meat; the secret lies in the fact that they are never frozen, and this helps cooks to take advantage of its flavor. Apart from it, the restaurant offers different types of menus with prawns, salads, and chowders.Those who are not fond of eating fish or crab can opt for pasta or any other option which is offered in its extensive menu. The restaurant is a perfect place for families or groups of people who want to celebrate a particular event, name it private or a business one. Birthdays, anniversaries, cocktails, presentations and any other type of special event is held in it, where its waiters and waitresses will make you feel as comfortable as possible. Spoil your palate with a three dish dinner accompanied by a complete variety of drinks while enjoying wonderful views of the Nichupte Lagoon, its mangrove swamps and the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

Bob B Brown

Gastronomy and hotels in Cancun, Quintana Roo, are part of its so many attractions and commodities which keep on attracting tourists from all over the World. Cancun is home to 500 restaurants where selected Mexican and foreign recipes are prepared; as any other beach destination, maybe as the best of them all, Cancun exhibits in its gastronomy many different dishes prepared with fish and seafood. Nevertheless, Cancun has a wide and varied culinary offer since it is a really cosmopolitan city. From vegetarian to classical Mayan dishes, visitors will spoil themselves with any dish they choose in this Mexican paradise.

By the beginnings of this tourist destination in the Mexican Caribbean, restaurants offered sophisticated recipes coming from European cuisine. In spite of this, curious tourists coming from all over the world started to claim for traditional culinary recipes of Mexico, which enticed both hotels and restaurants to start offering typical creations of Quintana Roo and Cancun. And this is how many different restaurants such as the Crab house opened its doors in order to offer truly Mexican dishes prepared with the freshest fish you can find. Apart from seafood, visitors can try lima soups, pibil chicken, and many other recipes that will surpass their expectations.

Experiment the Flavors of the Sea at Crab House in Cancun while contemplating astonishing views of the Nichupte Lagoon in one of the most elegant terraces located in the hotel area. The Crab House is the perfect place for seafood lovers, offering the best lunches and dinners. If you happen to visit it, you should definitely give its different recipes try. Bear in mind that visiting it only once will not be enough, and I can assure that once you have been there, you will not help visiting it again.

Agostina Giacomino

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Are you planning a romantic trip or maybe your honeymoon to Cancun for these Easter Holidays? If you are, you have probably chosen it for its incredible landscapes, entertaining activities and interesting culture. But if you are travelling there, I imagine that you would want to find out which are the best hotels in Cancun for your romantic week. But do not worry, I will tell you a little bit about some of them.

cancun hotel - Nicolas Karim

Crown Paradise Club

One of the most beautiful romantic hotels in Cancun is the Crown Paradise Club. The Crown Paradise is located at the popular Cancun hotel zone. This convenient location allows it to be close to many attractions such as the El Rey Ruins (an important archeological site), Playa Delfines (Dolphins Beach) and Aquaworld. Besides this, Crown Paradise boasts first class facilities and accommodations. For example, you can stay at the exclusive Honeymoon Suite in which couples can enjoy a minibar with soft drinks, beer and water; a fruit basket on arrival; a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival; bathrobes and slippers; access to the Crown Club Lounge for daily cocktails and a full American breakfast; access to the Lagoon Lunch Cruise and one romantic dinner at the Sans Souci Restaurant. Apart from this, they can delight in different relaxing treatments at the spa and even organize a wedding ceremony at the hotel.

Great Parnassus

Another hotel that also provides an excellent service to couple is the Great Parnassus Resort and Spa. Like the Crown Paradise, the Great Parnassus is also set at the gorgeous Cancun hotel zone. And it has been conveniently placed between the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte Lagoon. In addition to the location, Parnassus owns top rated accommodations, facilities and services. Couples can choose to stay in one of the four types of room categories (Deluxe Rooms, Club Rooms, Sunset Suites and Ocean Suites). Furthermore, all guests will be able to get access to the 10 restaurants and 11 bars of the hotel, the 3 outdoor jacuzzis and 4 pools, the 2 tennis courts, the movie style theater, the gym & fitness center, the sauna and steam room and the hospitality room. But this is not it because they can also have priviledges in all the restaurants, bars and amenities at our adults-only sister hotel, Golden Parnassus Resort & Spa.

Sandos Cancun

Finally, a further incredible hotel for couples is the Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort. Sandos Cancun is also located in the gorgeous Cancun hotel zone. Similarly to the previous hotel, Sandos is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte Lagoon. Sandos Cancun has 214 elegant and luxurious rooms, 27 of which are lavish suites. Furthermore, the hotel has a private beach set on a coveted stretch in the Caribbean coastline, three infinity pools and a jacuzzi overlooking the Caribbean Sea, poolside cabanas, poolside food and drinks service, a water sport center (which includes activities such as snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, diving, catamarans, etc.), tennis courts, a 7,000 sq ft fully-equipped fitness center and a spa equipped with hydrotherapy areas, a steam room, a sauna, a jacuzzi, cold immersion pools and shower areas.

As you can read, these three perfect hotels are ready to provide the best service, facilities and activities to couples in order to make them feel special during their stay. So, come and experience a truly romantic getaway to Cancun for the Easter Holidays. If you need more information visit cancun.com.

by Romina Nieto

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Author: Nicolas Karim

Located in a quite strategical place, Cancun is the main entrance door to the Mayan world and the Caribbean. Near different legendary archeological cities and beaches where the water gets mixed with the white sand, this destination is one of the favorite ones for foreigners visiting Mexico. Its impressive tourist infrastructure surrounded by an extraordinary natural beauty where climate, the turquoise sea, white sand and the vestiges of Mayan culture strike a perfect balance in order to make you feel in your own element while being on vacations in a real paradise. In case you are planning a trip to Mexico, you should definitely bear in mind that Cancun is nothing but a recommendable mexican destination for these coming Easter Holidays.

  • Attractions

The enourmous diversity of alternatives makes it possible for the tourist to discover Cancun to the most. Those who are fond of water, sports, or even culture will find in the very same city different options to be busy all day long having fun and chilling out with their friends, family or beloved one. Cancun also has the most modern shopping malls where the most famous brands worldwide sell their products; this is something you should definitely take advantage of since Cancun is a free tax area where one can buy at the best prices in the market. As regards nightlife, Cancun offers a wide range of shows which take place in restaurants, bars and discos in the area.

  • Hotels

Being one of the most developed cities in all Mexico, the wide array of hotels in Cancun will provide you with the chance of choosing the one that suites your needs the most. In any case, all of them offer hospitality, good prices and the best services you can imagine. Some of the most recommendable resorts in the area are Le MeridienCancún, Cancún Palace or Casa Turquesa, featuring golf courses, spas, and tours to the most interesting corners of this Caribbean jewel. Once you have chosen you hotel, you can relax and start discovering this marvelous dreamlike place; you can start by visiting its so many beaches, especially Chemuyil, where you will be part of the breathtaking landscape.

Nicolas Karim

  • Archeological Sites and Museums

In case you are fond of culture and history, you should definitely visit the archeological site of El Rey, an old Mayan ceremonial center consisting of 47 structures located along two main squares full of buildings and platforms. It is thought to have been one of the most extensive and important Mayan cities in all Cancun and Quintana Roo. Many of the pieces which were once found in it are now exhibited in the Cancun Archeology Museum, where one can find different pre-Hispanic pieces belonging to different relevant archeological sites of the Oriental coast, such as Tulum, Cobá,Kohunlich, Xcaret, El Meco y Xel-Há.

Agostina Giacomino

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This coming March Cancun will be home to one of the main food events in all Mexico: the Wine & Food Festival Cancun-Riviera Maya. Celebrating the most famous chefs, gourmet products and sommeliers from the whole continent, this festival features the best wines, cuisine and environment you have ever imagined. In case you are going to be around by that time, you should definitely be part of this event which will spoil your palate to the most! Travelers from the Mexican country and worldwide travel to be part of the party as well as to enjoy the spectacular paradise. They can chill out and forget about all types of preoccupations – hotels in Cancun will cover every need they may have, and they will only have to worry about eating and drinking!

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This time, the honored country will be France, and the Chef Daniel Boulud, famous for his French recipes, will be the protagonist. Cooks from all over the world come to cook as well as enjoy their colleagues’ masterpieces! They come from Canada, America, Great Britain, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and even Venezuela. The first event in this whole celebration will the the Taste the New World Dinner, where Star Chefs of all of the Americas come and sit in the very same table to share their experiences.

Apart from cuisine, sommeliers and enologists will also have their space since they will be offering different wines coming from different continents. Bear in mind that traditional Mexican beverages will also be part of the party! All this and more takes place in a huge tent located right in front of the sea. Different products will be presented to spoil the attendees. As regards the ambiance, DJs will be playing their part in order to set the perfect scene. In case you are planning to attend it, you should visit the event official page and buy your tickets as well as promotional packages to enter a different range of events. Some of them are the following: Welcome Celebrities Cocktail; The Future of the Cuisine Conference, given by Chefs Normad Laprise, Guillermo González Beristáin, and Daniel Boulud; Taste the New World: Star Chefs of the Americas’ dinner; Spiritual, Artistic and Culinary Experience with creative Chef Martha Ortiz and world-famous Author Laura Esquivel; Gourmet Experience on a Catamaran; Gourmet Tasting Village; and Vive La France Closing Celebration: French Delights, Sinful Desserts.

The different events will be held in some of the most luxurious hotels in Cancun. Some of them are the following: Hotel Secrets The Vine: Venue for the Gala Dinner honoring Chef Daniel Boulud and “The Future of Cuisine” Conferences. This resort will be home to the Gala Dinner and different conferences as regards the future of cuisine. The Hotel Nizuc Resort & Spa will feature theCelebrityWelcome Cocktail and Tribute Lunch for Chef Guillermo González Beristáin. In the case of the Coral Beach Cancun Resort & Spa, this will be the venue of the first dinner of the festival.

Agostina Giacomino

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